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Reinventing Systems: Collaborations to Support Families

Describes initiatives in California, Colorado, New Mexico, and West Virginia that have achieved broad reforms in making social services more unified and accessible to families.

Building Partnerships: Models of Family Support and Education Programs

Looks at  initiatives in North Dakota, Florida, Vermont, and Massachusetts that have made family services more responsive to the changing needs of children and families.

Pioneering States: Innovative Family Support and Education Programs

Discusses initiatives in Connecticut, Kentucky, Maryland, Minnesota, and Missouri that have successfully integrated family support and education programs into larger social services systems.

Innovative States: Emerging Family Support and Education Programs

Examines partnerships between state governments and grass-roots programs in Arkansas, Iowa, Oregon, Vermont, and Washington that work to lower school dropout rates, teen pregnancy, and welfare dependency and increase adult literacy.

Innovative Models to Guide Family Support and Education Policy in the 1990s: An Analysis of Four Pioneering State Programs

Evaluates and analyzes state initiatives in Missouri, Minnesota, Connecticut, and Maryland to support parents and early childhood.

Family Support and Education Programs and the Public Schools: Opportunities and Challenges

Examines the advantages and disadvantages of school-based family support and community education programs and analyzes the contexts that engender successful outcomes for these programs.

The Challenges of Evaluating State Family Support and Education Initiatives: An Evaluation Framework

Provides an evaluation framework to analyze four state iniatives that provide multi-generation family support and education programs.

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